Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: " 'On To The Next One' in Music: JOYA BRAVO"

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness Wednesdays
spotlights Joya Bravo this week.

I titled the article "On to the next one" a new slogan coined by Jay-Z. As music progresses into this new age conglomeration where world music meets pop meets rock meets soul meets classical, A.A+W's artist of the week Joya Bravo's "eclectically chaotic, multi-dimensional, complex and beautifully crazy" style is very representative of this new age/new wave artistry that is definitely "On to the next one."

Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Violinist, JOYA BRAVO is a New York native born in 1986 Queens, New York and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Conceived by Jamaican parents, Bravo’s upbringing was conservative, but musically charged.

Bravo began playing the violin at age 9. Her success eventually earned her a chair in the Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra (a highly accredited youth ensemble in the southeast region). She has performed with Grammy Award Winners The Roots at the Highline Ballroom.

As an all around creative artist, this powerhouse talent has a clear message to share with the world. She seeks to spread ideals of self-realization, collaboration and positive progression to future generations of the world through her craft. Some of Joya Bravo’s lifetime musical inspirations include: Grace Jones, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Radiohead, Sarah Brightman, Bob Marley and many other artists her abilities supersede.

And Bravo doesn't stop there! Bravo continues working tirelessly and passionately touring with her music and more recently completed recording, performing, and co-producing the new McDodonalds national television commercial campaign, 365 Black. The newly 365 Black McDonald's endorsed recording artist "Dollar Van Demo" national campaign commercial can now be seen on every local and cable channel. McDonald's idea behind 365 Black is "that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year — not just during Black History Month...It's a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald's."

Bravo to Joya Bravo for being the moving face behind this wonderful campaign. We salute you and your music this A.A+Wednesday!!!

Want more Bravo follow the links below:

Download the Joya Bravo music sampler
This project, entitled "Move in Day", is a sampler and a showcase of her eclectically chaotic, multi-dimensional, complex and beautifully crazy experiences of 2009.The songs were written with passion in times of joy, pain, love, war, longing and contentment. Real experiences invoke real emotions; this is what Joya Bravo wish to share with you.
"If you place your faith in your feet you can walk further than you've ever imagined to places you have never imagined."
Thank you and Go Be Great! Nice ta Meet Cha!
Love Joya Bravo
PS. Oh, and by the way...I play the violin!

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Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

I like this girl...
Time will tell if Joya will hear BRAVO!

clarence said...

I like this post, great review thank you Cornelius and Richard for sharing with the rest of us.

God will keep blazing the trail to, where he wants it to go.....

Cornelius Jones Jr. said...

I definitely enjoyed this interview with Ms. Bravo! She is a true powerhouse!

Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

This was a cute post. Good work Cornelius.




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