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GeoGrands 9

GeoGrands #9

Buff felt a little uneasy as he, Logic, Density and Elle was walking around exploring the inside of the pyramid. It wasn’t that he was afraid of exploring a strange place. Rather, it was the apprehensiveness that just as he was about to get a taste of the good life, he found himself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a boyfriend he didn’t really love and the boyfriend’s overprotective best friend. He was intrigued by Density however. Her royal pedigree and influence made him want to ensure that he always remained on her good side.

The interior of the pyramid reminded Buff of the inside of a church, except everything was made of gold. The floors, the walls, the tall columns, the light fixtures, and the ceilings are shimmered with gold. The columns themselves were shaped like skinny isosceles pyramids with the vertex touching the floor. The pyramid-shaped light fixtures hung suspended from a chain of gold triangles, and the light fixtures were designed as a chandelier with gold colored crystals. On the walls and floor were triangular designs of many shapes and sizes. The doors of course were equiangular triangles pointing upward. The whole design was breathtaking as it was eccentric and obsessive.

“How long do you think it will be before someone in Emthira will miss us?” Elle asked, breaking the silence.

“Not long hopefully. The queen will start telepathically scanning for us and hopefully send help our way,” Density replied.

“If she can,” Logic interrupted.

“What do you mean?” Density asked.

“Ever since we’ve landed on this island, my telepathy seems to be closed off from the outside world. I’ve tried to reach out beyond the island, but I can’t. I don’t know if that is from my own lack of control or if there is some barrier that protects the island from psi-probes.”

“Ooohhh,” Density said.

“Are you still getting that strange urge you felt when we landed?” Elle asked.

“Yes, and it gets stronger the closer we move toward the interior of the pyramid,” Logic said.

“Can you tell us how far away we are from the center?” Density asked.

“I don’t think it is that much farther,” Logic replied.

“Buff, you’ve been awfully quiet,” Elle asked, turning toward him.

“Oh, no reason. Just thinkin’ it’s weird that we haven’t seen another person or animal since we’ve gotten on this island,” Buff said. He didn’t want them to know that his silence was a focus in concentration on keeping his thoughts safe from Logic. He knew Logic would never intentionally read his mind without permission, but Logic’s lack of control conflicted with his intentions.

“You’re right,” Density said. “I wonder what that means.”

“Have you all noticed that as we go from door to door, that the rooms get smaller and narrower?” Logic asked.

“I wonder what that means,” Density replied. “I noticed that a few rooms back.

“It’s almost like another triangle. The room at the front is the base, and we’re approaching the tip,” Logic explained.

“I think this is the end,” Elle said. “There’s no door at the other end.”

This last room was a single long corridor. Instead of a door at the end there was only a wall with a huge triangular hole in the middle. Directly in front of the hole were several small triangles of various sizes and shapes.

“I wonder what this means.” Density said.

“Girl,” Elle said. “If you say that one more time…” as Logic laughed. He was thinkin’ the same thing and was glad that Elle said it as it would have been shady if he didn’t say it, but then the thought popped out.

“I’m sorry,” Density replied defensively. “I’m just nervous I guess.” She felt a little sheepish. Here she was the leader of some of the most powerful of the Geomen, not to mention heiress to the kingdom of Emthira , and she was acting like a neophyte.

“It looks kinda like a puzzle, doesn’t it?” Logic asked, studying the pieces. He knelt down on the floor and starting moving pieces around.

“What are you doing?” Buff asked.

“I think if we arrange these pieces into a triangle, and figure out how to get it into the wall, we may be able to move on. I have a feeling that whatever has been drawing me to this place is just beyond the wall.”

“Humph,” Buff replied. He was a little jealous that Logic maybe had figured out what to do. Nerd. He thought to himself.

Logic continued to work. He heard what Buff thought, and he tried to block it out of his mind. I hate my power, he thought to himself.

“Why?” Elle asked, as her and Density knelt down to help Logic.

“Why, what?” Logic replied.

“Your power,” Density asked.

“What about my power?”

“You said you hated it,” replied Elle.

“I did?” Logic said.

“I didn’t hear him say anything, Buff said, looking just as confused as Logic.

Logic sighed. Density and Elle probably heard his thought, and because he was trying to keep out of Buff’s mind, he didn’t hear it.

“It’s just hard sometimes, knowing how people really feel about you,” Logic said slowly, trying really hard not to look up. He didn’t need telepathy to know that Buff was now looking at him wondering if he had heard his thought earlier.

“Why don’t you try moving the pieces with your teke?” Density suggested. “You need more practice maintaining fine motor control of smaller objects.”

“I’ll try,” Logic replied.

Soon, with a mix of telekinesis as well as a good old-fashion pick up and place, the puzzle was nearly complete.

“I can’t get this last piece to go in,” Elle said, with a struggle in her voice.

“What’s wrong?” Density asked.

“It’s like some force is pushing it away, like two similar magnetic forces,” Elle replied.

Density started to say I wonder what that means but caught herself. Instead she said “Why don’t you place the last piece, Logic? Your telekinesis might not be affected it.”

Logic laughed and looked at Density. He had heard her thought. Density smiled back, as Logic concentrated his focus on the last triangular piece. It slowly spun through the air and over the space in the triangle.

“Uhhhh,” Logic groaned as he struggled against the force to fit the last piece in. Sweat began forming on his brow, as the others looked on in bewilderment. Logic felt like he was climbing a rope, moving one hand slowly over another to get to his goal.

CLICK! went the piece, and as Logic collapsed on the floor from exhaustion, the pieced triangle began to glow brighter and brighter until it grew so bright that the four GeoGrands could not bear to look upon it. Then, the light vanished, and the room returned to its eerily dimness once more.

“The pieces became one!” Elle exclaimed.

“I was right,” Logic beamed.

“Now we just have to get it into the hole on the wall,” Density said. “Whew, it’s heavy,” she complained, as she tried to lift a corner of it.

“Let me try,” Buff said, flexing his chest. He bent over and easily picked up the triangle, but try as he might, he could not move toward the wall to put it in. “It’s like something is pushing me backwards,” he said, perplexed.

“I’ll help you,” Logic said. He focused his telekinetic power on to Buff and the triangle and slowly pushed him toward the hole.

“It’s working,” Density said softly.

Just as Buff had placed the huge triangle into the hole, suddenly the floor fell out from under them, and they all went plummeting into the darkness below.

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