Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zolra's Corner: A True Antagonist Has Returned

For fans of the original Melrose Place, you are well aware that they have created a 2009 remake of the hit television series. The original series was created by Darren Star, who is best known for creating shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Sex and the City. It was also executive produced by the legendary producer Aaron Spelling.

It's been close to a month now since the show aired. I was so excited to see characters from the original series return, but I was always wondering "Where is she?" There were rumors that this lady wasn't thinking about returning. But the stories were completely false after pictures of her on the set of Melrose Place surfaced on the internet. I am happy that a true antagonist has returned. The girl I am talking about is Amanda Woodward, portrayed by Heather Locklear.

It's been two episodes now, and Amanda has not failed me at all. The current writers of the show has definitely been watching the previous Melrose Place. Amanda has grown up, but she is still the same. Only this time, her status as a boss has reached another level.

It was probably because of Amanda why I have been attracted to antagonist roles. For most people that know me, they know writing is my life. I want to be mostly remembered as a writer, but that doesn't mean I'm just going to have my eyes glued to my laptop for the rest of my life. I want to act, model, host, promote, and write.

Acting is more like #2 on my list of lifetime careers. When I first told people that I want to be an actor, they automatically thought that I should try out for the role of the best friend because of my personality and the way I look. They say "You are more like the person I see on screen as the best friend that comes up with the funniest things."

To be honest, I thought so too. I grew up watching sitcoms and romantic comedies. So I thought I would go for the funny roles. But then my realization came when I landed a role in my first movie that is coming out soon called "My Friend, Oscar".

When I was at the audition, I obviously auditioned for the role of the best friend. Then after I went through that reading, the producer told me "Can you read this role please?" I read through it first. It was the role of the bully. At first, I was instantly shocked. There was no way I wanted to have that role. Two months later, I got the part. During the filming of the movie, I starting getting into my dark side. When they were done, they were like "You have a talent for these kinds of roles."

Ever since then, I have been auditioning for antagonist roles. Not because I was suggested to do something like, but I want to have these roles. I looked carefully at all the movies I've watching, and realized that I was always more into the antagonist than the protagonist. So I mostly give thanks to the entire cast and crew (especially the writers and Heather Locklear) for creating Amanda Woodward. Below is a video of the first episode of Amanda's return to Melrose Place.

If anyone relates to my story, feel free to comment.

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