Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zolra's Corner: My First December Book Selection Chosen

This is something I did on my blog. But I took the liberty of bringing it to my blog. I want to make sure books is a good part of our lives.

Alright everyone. It's time to keep you guys into reading. The book I have chosen is something that influenced me years ago. I am even friends with the authors. He's kind of like a mentor to me. Whenever I need someone to give me comfort, I go to him. I don't take him for granted. I am just so happy that I have an amazing friend like him. The other author is an award winning cartoonist. Ever since I met him in Las Vegas, we became close. Because of this, I am so happy to choose this book.

The book is called The Beginner's Guide to Community Based Arts by Matt Sckwartzman and Keith Knight. Every chapter is breathtaking. Each story has left me moved and dieing to read more.

This tells the story of real life people using the performing arts to help others. The performing arts is a large portion of my life. I don't think I can last a day without doing something in the performing arts, whether it's acting, modeling, writing, etc.

Not only that, but the arts has caused a large effect in the community. You know how you go to the theaters to watch a movie that shockingly relates to your real life. That's what the performing arts do. Tell great stories.

Pick up your own copy of this book if you want to be inspired.

Matt Sckwartzman is a great person. He is the creator of the program "Creative Forces" in New Orleans. I was a part of the program for four years, and I loved every minute of it. If you're wondering where I am, I'm in the middle with my hand up.

Keith Knight is amazing in his own way. He's a award winning cartoonist, well known for his comic strips The K Chronicles, (Th)ink, and The Knight Life. The comic strips has expanded to newspapers, websites, and magazines. If you want to know more about him, look at this video that was made about him.

I hope you guys enjoy the book.

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Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

Hey Zolra... This was a GREAT story. I never heard of Keith before; however, I will look out for his work.




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