Monday, December 21, 2009

Dwight Delight: Bone Intell

The time for giving is definitely here and next year you should take the time to support some of the hot new LGBT artist that are dropping music really soon. Bone Intell is one artist that is defiantly up to some big things next year and rapper/singing sensation is not jolly like St. Nick; however he is heavy with sexiness. I had the opportunity to hear a song that he wrote titled “Lay with Me” and the heat from the lyrics, the beat, and the voice had me getting heavy. I was so honored to have him catch up with me and this is what he had to say about his career, inspiration, and on being a naughty boy this Christmas season. Check out why he is a Dwight Delight.

What made you decide to become a musical artist?
-I love music, I love to make music, and I love listening to music and growing up I found out I was good at it from what people told me, so I just perused it.

Typically what emotions do you want your listener to feel from your music?
-I want the listeners to hear life, all emotions that a human being have from love, to confusion, to hate and joy. It’s about life and enjoying all things that come with it.

How often do you listen to your own music?
-[laugh] Honestly I am very critical of my music so I listen to it once in a while, you know what they say an artist is his own worse critic and I always hear what I can do to improve a song.

What limits do you place on yourself as an artist?
- I place no limits on myself I think if an artist does that it keeps him from growing as an artist and closes the door on opportunities that can be at his doorstep.

How do you plan on getting your music heard on a mainstream level?
- Promotion promotion promotion. As long as I am promoting my talent and always marketing my music to all groups and genres everyone will hear it at least once because as you grow in popularity others will also help spread the word. Also check me out on that’s a great marketing tool as well.

What mainstream artist can your sound/music be compared to?
- I think I have my own sound. I have had people compare me to Big and Reakwon but beyond that I defiantly have my own style and swagga.

What plans do you have for your career in 2010?
-Well you will have to see and check me out to find that out now won’t you [laugh], but I have some big festivals I will be doing and traveling abroad to the UK and just continuing to promote and spread the name. Also I am defiantly releasing my EP I AM LEGION in 2010 so look out for that.

Would you ever consider making your music available for independent film projects?
-Of course, that’s why I have my paper work up to par. I think licensing your music to films and etc, helps spread your name, helps promote the show, and not to forget the artist and his/her music.

What plans have you made for a music video?
-I want to tell you about that but I’m actually in the process of story boarding that... So we will have to talk about that at another time... but trust me its fly and MR. O’NEAL you better be in it.

What song have you produced that you get the most positive feedback about?
-I get really good feed back from Lets Cruise, and a new single from my album I let a couple people hear called “Lay With Me.” People tell me it has a radio friendly feel and they love it so that is always a good thing. Another song I been getting rave reviews on is “FATboi Shyt.”

What is your favorite song you have produced and why?
-Honestly all my songs but “Fatboi Shyt” really stands out because it’s me. The song is totally and a hundred percent how I feel as a bigger brotha!

Do you push your music on a global level as well?
-Yes! I just signed with a new label and I have global distribution. Along with my blog TV show it helps me reach masses that may not be in the same area as me.
Where you a good boy this year or naughty?
- I’m a good boy Santa loves his Bone Intell!!!

What is on your Christmas list?
- A new gold series MXL condenser mic

What is your New Year's resolution?
-To grind even harder and get a national marketing campaign started.

Why would your music make a great stocking stuffer?
-Because it’s real true and f### it I be on my fat boy shyt, everyone loves the fat boy. He funny, cool, and protective and his stomach ain’t the only thing fat you’ll wanna rub [laugh]. But in all seriousness its music for the soul... and everyone needs that.

What advice would you offer other LGBT artist if any?
-Never give up and do what you need to do for yourself; because no one knows how to make you happy but yourself and that’s emotionally and creatively.

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