Friday, December 4, 2009

Beyonce's "Video Phone" Gets Slammed + More Pop Culture Gossip


Beyonce's new video for her song "Video Phone" has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. And that’s with no exception to anything. Not Madea Goes To Jail. Not "The Tiny and Toya Show." Not even Soul Plane.

The "Video Phone" clip which finds Beyoncé throwing her ass and breasts around like an average video ho and painting herself white ala Bettie Paige among a number of other ludicrous visuals is the most coonish thing I’ve seen since "Soulja Girl." I thought after [President] Obama took office shit like this was supposed to stop.

It’s not that the video, and it’s accompanying five minute jingle isn’t so much stupid as it is pointless and horribly juvenile. What the hell is this about? Is she promoting X-Tube membership? Rainbow apparel? I don’t get it. If BET still had a time slot for the uncut videos this would be on it round the clock.

Beyoncé is reaching and trying to hold onto whatever credibility as an “artist” she has left. This is overreaching. It’s not working. Someone told me she’s on her way to being a legend. I don’t see it. If she doesn’t switch it up soon Rihanna's going to eclipse her.

Read the rest of the story at Art Nouveau.

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