Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zolra's Corner: My Interview With Dextar G

This week, I got the pleasure of connecting with professional photographer Bryant Simms, but everyone knows him as Dextar - The People's Photographer. I told him before to not hold anything back. And trust me, he didn't hold anything back.

Hello Dextar. How is life treating you so far?
What the f**k kind of question is that? *giggle* I'm am blessed and Highly favored by God. I have talent, a warm heart, and I'm easy on the eyes. Most people would be happy with just 1 of the three, so I guess Life is treating me well.

Zolra, I have a caustic sense of humor. Don't get scared.

Don't worry. I can tell just by looking at your pictures. Do you do anything else besides photography? Any hobbies or anything?
Hmmm... Hobbies. Do Drugs count as a hobby? no? well.. I enjoy walking, Im a freak for walking long distances. Reading junk Sci fi on my blackberry (Warhammer 40k is my shyt). Besides those two thing, I like to eat for fun. Eating is one of my favorite things. Seriously. Just put something in my mouth and watch me smile.

Lol. I see you're weren't kidding about the
sense of humor. Have you always acted like this?
I try not to take myself too seriously. Too often artits pontificate on how interesting they are or how life altering their art is. I prefer to live. Maybe that's why I choose to shoot life as it happens, and not how I'd like it to be.

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