Saturday, November 14, 2009


The sun hangs low over the horizon,
The wind resists our forward passage over snow-covered streets,
Still we press on, you and me, past sparkling ice-covered trees,
Down frozen avenues, in the gathering twilight.

We hurry past the foggy storefronts, ignore the hissing cars as they wheel through the slush,
For though the night brings deeper cold, we feel no chill,
Because we are together.
The holiday lights twinkle as the sun slips away,
our house beckons us still, ever nearer,
as finally we reach our own doorstep.

Casting off the garb of the darker months, we settle in by the fireplace with summer's sweet wine,
Flickers of the fleeting day dance across our faces,
and as if defying the ice and snow outside,
you take me into your embrace.

The wonder of a spring morning fills me as you follow the line of my face with your fingers, and I caress your strong, hard musculature,
I let my robe fall away as though on a tropical beach,
ever closer to you, no fire hotter than the one you bring forth inside me.
No wind, no storm, no depth of snow,
can take me from you now...

Still we press on,
Exploring each other,
as the wind moans and the snow falls outside,
In this dark, cold winter, we are warm, and safe,
We are together in love.

The sun rises low over the horizon...

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