Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a little THANKS...

Dear Readers, Supporters, and Followers,

We have almost finished out another year and today is a present for you from The FUTURE. It is very important that we cherish the small things, large things, and the things that have not shown up in our lives. As we approach thanksgiving I would love to challenge each of you to express gratitude to your maker (whomever that may be to you), those around you, and lastly yourself. Many times we forget to thank ourselves for the things that we do for ourselves and the sad thing is that this is one thing that may be hindering us all from getting to where we need to be in our lives. So in celebration of the holiday season I want to list 10 things that I am truly thankful for.

10. I am so thankful that I only live 2 blocks from the train station. This is so wonderful because if it is extremely cold outside hot or raining I will be at the train station in no time.

9. I am thankful that I found the courage of accepting myself fully for who I am, with this came loving myself and not allowing things that people may do or say about me to even affect me. Dwight Allen O’Neal is a child of God and I am a blessed one.

8. I am thankful that my 4 closest friends (Joseph, Julius, Jimmy, and Hayward) love me regardless and that no matter what I may do, they are still there in my corner. Joseph is a mirror of me in so many ways and when I see him still in Arkansas I often wonder how we are still so similar yet not around each other. He has been my friend for the longest so he knows so much about me. Julius started off as someone that I thought would only be in my life temporally; however he has become my hero and I really don’t know what I would do in my life without him. I look forward to our TV show nights and movie dates. When I look at my bestie Jimmy I know that he is truly being honest and true with all of his kind words, wisdom, and maturity. Jimmy is one of the nicest people that I know in the world and we are like brothers who were blessed with the gift of love. Last but not least Hayward; although most may call me a friend snatcher with this one, at least I snatched up the right one. He believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself and he keeps me grounded with his catty words that strike only to show me how much he loves me. Although you may not see me and my closest friends together all at once, they each bring out a different part of me and I love each of them for that.

7. I am thankful for money coming frequently, easily, and abundantly. Being in the entertainment business things can be rocky; however money seems to always come when I need it. I really want to show gratitude in this area so it can continue to flow toward my bank account.

6. I am thankful for The FUTURE. This may be a given to most of you; however those that are around you the most may not know that they mean so much to you. This time last year The FUTURE did not even exist and I thank the entire team Nathan, Richard, Waddie, and Cornelius for all of their contributions and hard work. I would like to go a step further by thanking Nathan for believing in me and working so hard to produce quality content and for Richard who has open my eyes to the business side of life and has given me some great advice in the past few months.

5. I give thanks to my fag hags. I love my fag hags and never thought I would get one and now I have FIVE. They are my body guards Lynne, Likwuid, Tawanna, Secret, and the newest member Alicia. These women have my back whether it’s to beat up an ex (Lynne), plan an event with me (Likwuid), teach me to cook (Tawanna), a loving play sister who doesn't judge (Secret), or help me select love online (Alicia). I love my chicks and they love me.

4. I am extremely thankful for everyone that has believed in Christopher Street TV. Christopher Street is my love child that explores the lives of 4 friends who happen to be gay and are growing up in the Big Apple. I have to thank Jared, Dante’, Lamar, JR, Rodney, Elayne, Ray, LaJon, and many others because it took so many people to help make my dream come true. A special thanks to Evan who is the white boy who learned how to be black and gay really quick. Steven you were there from day one and I have to thank you for writing, editing, and keeping the show informative and education. Hayward thank you for coming on as a business partner and believing in the project.

3. I am so thankful that I got over my assorted past. My heart has been broken a many times and I am so happy that all that baggage is behind me. Getting over these things have mad me stronger and there is room for new romances.

2. Thanks to all of my family Mom, Dad, Joyce, Felix, Teresa, Carla, Darius, and Marques. I am blessed that I have a family that loves me unconditionally and I am so excited that God has blessed me in this department. I have friends who always tell me that my family has a unique bond and they wish they could have that bond as well. As I sit hear I cry because my mother is the glue that has always held me together, her kind words are always on time and I want her to know that I love her with all my heart. I cannot wait for my career to really take off so that I can give her a portion of what she has given me. She has gone far beyond the duties of being a mother and I love her for that.

1. I am thankful for LIFE. I did not have to get up this morning; however God felt like I had more work to get done. I am excited about life and I am grateful that I have it. There are so many other people, things, and opportunities I am thankful for; however I would have you reading until eternity. If I left anyone or thing particularly out just know that your love is what motivated me to do this as well.

Thank you for reading my gratitude list and I challenge you to do one too. Have a great Turkey Day and I will see you in The FUTURE.

Love always,

Dwight Allen O’Neal

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