Monday, November 16, 2009

Dishin' IT with Dwight's Artists of the Month

So with November being ART Month for The FUTURE, I decided to highlight two very talented artist for the month. The first artist I have had the opportunity to chat with is Isaam Houston, who describes himself as "the most creative person i know, i laugh at my own jokes, i love eating cake bater, i cry at movies, i contradict myself, i love myself, im insecure, i smile alot, i masterbate too often, i am an emotional eater, im single, i love janet jackson, im a poet, im the middle child, i love spinach, i analyze myself and others way too much, my mother is friend, my father is a stranger, im passionate, Im an artist and thats me!"

I love ISAAM and would love to go on a date with him because Geminis are so sexy... Check out what he had to say.

1. What is your inspiration behind your art?  My last collection was inspired by the seven stages of grief, following the passing of my cousin, I found myself in a downward spiral. My only solution in healing was diving deep into my work, and through the process of finding peace, hope, answers, and truth, I usually find my work.

2. What was your initial instinct when you decided to produce art professionally?  How scary. The words "starving artist" always came to mind, so for me it had to be about something more than just the money. It had to be about the heart and passion of story telling. I also worried about how my work would be recieved, because here I am pouring my heart into my work, and then having someone judge that can be very intense especially since I come from a friend circle of many talents.

3. How often do you produce work of art?  Im an artist by nature , not by if I am not painting, I am contributing something else. My life would not be complete if I didnt do so. So to answer your question, pretty often.

4. What is your work space like?  Any empty space, I am partial to my bed. I clear everything off...put on a good cd (yea those still exist) and just go.....or the floor, or the living room...really anywhere, I'm not picky.

5. What other skills do you have that your art contributes to?  I've been in art classes since I was 9, so around 8th grade I started cutting my own me it was like outlining a picture...just came very natural.

6. Can you be taught to be an artist or is it a skill you are born with?  Honestly my favorite kind of art is childs art.....I usually ask my younger family members to make me something in school...and they are not being trained, they are just putting crayon to paper and going, and I love it.....I think its a skill everyone has but few people spend crafting it. As long as you strive for your personal best and not the next ones....your work is just as good as a picasso.

7. Have you ever used your art in the bedroom?  I've acted( so I've role played), I've danced (so I dropd it) I do spoken word (so sometimes you cant shut me up) and I paint (so I guess the picture I just painted for you is as much as I've done)

8. Who’s work have you admired?  My brother was my first inspiration. He is a dope artist himself. The local graphitti artist. My first art teachers....and just anyone who was doing it....I find joy in watching anyone create. that alone inspires me.

9. What type of emotions do you typical translate through your art?  I like to think raw emotions.  If I havent exposed a part of myself that surprises even myself then I have not accomplished my goal. I've been told that my work and my story telling is very honest and couragious.

10. Have you ever produced work that you have not liked or appreciated?  Yes I have. In my last show...the last painting I did for the set, I was not impressd by, and  I almost did not include it...but at the partner (at the time) loved it....and it touched him, even though it did nothing for me....I put it in the show and it got great yea it happens.

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