Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Besouro" - A Visually Stunning New Brazilian action movie


I'm watching the trailer, I'm seeing stunning shades of brown, different shapes, different sizes. I'm noticing faces of anguish, faces of pain, faces of courage, faces of freedom. I'm seeing history, I'm seeing, culture, I'm seeing community, I'm seeing family, I'm seeing war, I'm seeing danger, I'm seeing rupture, I'm seeing escape, I'm seeing freedom, I'm seeing fantasy, I'm seeing art, I'm seeing life....
Mysticism, Hero, Capoeira, Condemble, Hope, Life are the best words to describe this new Brazilian made film entitled
"Besouro" -- "Beetle" in English

“Beetle” tells the “true story” of Besouro, a Capoeira master living in 1920s Brazil. The film’s title comes from the name Besouro Manganga, which is a large and dark species of maybug.
According to legends surrounding the historical figure, Besouro was known to vanish whenever he was faced with an uneven fight. This grew into the myth that Besouro had supernatural powers and could dodge bullets and even turn himself into a beetle to scare his opponents.
More grounded details on Besouro suggest he was a rebellious migrant worker who frequently used his Capoeira skills to get into physical conflicts with landowners and police. He died in 1924 at the age of 27 after suffering stab wounds from a knife.

Ku Huan-chiu serves as action director. His credits include stunt doubling for Jet Li in “The Tai-Chi Master” and “Once upon a time in China and America”, as well as recent AD work on CJ7 and “THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR”, and also “Kill Bill”.

Take a look at the clip. I hope it brings much joy and excitement to you as it did for me.
And have and A.A+Wsome Wednesday.

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ST said...

awesome clip. Can't wait to see it. Thanks!

Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

Soon there will be an American version of this I'm sure. Great trailer Cornelius. Thanks for sharing!




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