Saturday, October 10, 2009

The National Equality March

In the time-honored tradition of public, nonviolent protest which has been the hallmark of progressive social change in America for decades, tomorrow's National Equality March is another step forward for LGBT rights. More than just a cry for legalizing gay marriage, the March seeks an end to persecution of the LGBT community. In many parts of the country, gays and lesbians are still second-class citizens. In addition to being unable to marry, gays and lesbians can still be fired in 29 states, for their sexual orientation alone. Homophobia is still the official policy of our military, and our meeting places and clubs are still being raided by the police.

We are regularly beaten and killed because of who and what we are, but in spite of this, the LGBT community is too often looked upon as "less than" our straight neighbors. For all of these reasons, and many more, the National Equality March will be a watershed moment in the struggle for LGBT rights. It will be a time for us to put a face on the injustices we've suffered under, and struggled against, for "lo, these many years". It will be a time to call upon Congress, and President Obama, and remind them that if some of us aren't equal, then none of us are equal.

This is not a time to leave the marching and speaking to others. This is a time to raise your voice against those who encourage hatred and violence against us. This is a time to slap shoe leather in our nation's capital and let the world know we are no longer going to live in subjugation. We may and must protest, both for ourselves and those who come after us. I'll see you in DC.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nathan for writing this!
Now is the time! Forward, Upward and Together.




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