Thursday, April 5, 2012

Me -n- My Gay Son with Lady D

1.  After I told you that I was gay, you prayed.  What were your prayers?
My prayers were that God would deliver you.  I honestly thought that you were going through a phase.  Now, my prayers to God are for him to protect and keep you.  You were given to me as a gift from God, raising you was a moving experience.  I continue to pray that He allows me to treasure each and every moment of my gift.

2.  How different do you think things may have been had my father been around?
I don't think things would have been any different.  Initially, I don't believe your father would have accepted your sexuality.  When he was alive, you were growing and exploring and sometimes he would question why you did certain things.  I believe that you would have been scrutinized for your behavior.  There would have been name calling.  He would have most likely blamed me or your aunts for how you turned out, not taking responsibility for not spending more time with you himself.  Women get blamed for churning out flaming queens, but what absentee fathers don't get is that they need to step up, be a man and play their role in the boy's life.  Mothers are definitely more receptive of their children being gay than fathers.

3.  What was it like for you knowing that I was going out with boys/men?
It was challenging at first.  The thought of you being intimate with the same sex wasn't easy for me.  I didn't allow myself to dwell on it so much.  Eventually, I hoped that you would find someone to love you for who you are.

4.  What has been your biggest concern or fear around me and my sexuality?
My biggest concern is your safety.  Hate crimes are the worst and with you putting yourself out there the way that you are doing with your media efforts, sometimes, I just worry.  People are so focused on the hatred that they don't stop to think about the fact that people are HUMAN BEINGS first.

Thanks for allowing me to share myself with you.

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