Monday, October 19, 2009

JR Rolley is bringing Sexy Back!

When most people see a sexy face they think attitude comes along with it. I am so excited to feature one of the sexiest actors and models that I have ever worked with in my career. JR Rolley is the new face that has trail blazed in film, television, and fashion. Just recently he was recognized internationally for his sex appeal and I am thrilled to dish with this humble, sweet, funny and very talented individual who plays my love interest on Christopher Street. JR Rolley puts away any myths about sexy men and he shows a softer side of the bad boy next door, here is what JR had to say.

Who would you say is the sexiest man alive? I have to say with all due Respect President Obama, The way he handles himself under pressure is remarkable and I think quite sexy. I will leave it at that...not going where Tyson Beckford went recently.

What was the first thing you thought when you found out you were named the sexiest man alive in DNA Magazine? well this is their "Sexiest Man Alive" edition and I was only one of the seventy men selected to be in this issue. But I honestly was like wow this is an international publication that notice a guy from the Bronx...made me smile*

Who were some of the other men that were featured in the story? That's the great part DNA "Sexiest Man Alive " edition features not just Actors and Models but Political Figures, Athletes, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Porn Stars, straight and gay. Darryl Steven is on page 81 and I was happy but not surprised to see Hugh Jackman.

How many men of color were included? I would say about seven or eight but understand DNA is based in Australia however has readership in all of Europe, The UK, U.S. and Canada

What is sexy? It's all pretty's can be attitude, the way someone holds you or let you hold them, in a kiss, smell or walk. It can be in your swagger depending on your delivery.

What do you do to keep your sexy up? SEXY? I think I clean up well but I don't think I'm sexy. I'm an Actor I can portray certain things at any given time but it's not real. I go to the gym often and take care of myself like I should because I love me...and as we get older you have to step up how you care for you..that is what my blog (MIND BODY& SOUL) is about.

Who is your favorite photographer to work with? Why? Maya Guez is brutal, candid and a perfectionist. She has worked with Boris, John Legend and Trey Songz after leaving her session you think you were in a marathon, she works you out but the results "perfection" ...go to and see for yourself!

Growing up how did you view yourself? My MOM always instilled I was always believed in me and was so eager to go into Manhattan and show off, just show what I can do

What do you find most sexy in women? Curves hands down...only a beautiful woman can just silence a room when she walks in.

What is a basic workout routine that someone can do to stay fit and get sexy for the winter? I swear by the ab will be amazing for your core, arms and back. Also very inexpensive, you can do it while you watch TV and you can travel with it(no room for excuses with this device)

What is the inspiration behind your blog? MIND BODY & SOUL is the title of it and these three attributes have to be nourished as we get older. It features fitness tips, entertainment and politics. In addition People always ask me about what really happens on set -like what is Marcus Patrick like? or ask me what do I do to stay in shape? so this away to stay connected to the few people who always wished me well through my career.

Where can we get more JR and get a copy of DNA magazine? My website is and The issue I'm featured in is the November issue #116 "The Sexiest Man Alive"edition I'm on page 71 will be available Oct 16th at Barnes & Nobles, Borders or if you are in a major city any magazine store!

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Anonymous said...

this is a comment i posted in response to another article regarding j.r. rolley. i actually had the displeasure of meeting j.r. rolley. we met under casual circumstances and i spoke of being in the arts. for him being open, honest and transparent, instead of realizing a networking opportunity and sharing that he also is an artist in the same medium, he told me that he worked as a building inspector, and to add to the humiliation, told me as we continued to converse that he'd like to add me to his list of ciphers, a term i was unfamiliar with. when i asked what that meant, he said his circle of friends. needless to say, after a week or so when i called to see if he wanted to hang out (he also is a dog owner and thought our dogs would get along) he said he had plans but we'd catch up later. i reached out again to no avail and never heard from him. long story short, i heard the term cipher on a TV show and to my surprise it was a synonym for ghost. this man had no intention of creating and/or developing a friendship with me and only showed his true colors by humiliating and embarrassing me under the guise of being a "nice guy". for all his outer beauty i found him internally ugly and the experience has left me feeling hurt, disappointed and lied to. i can't support someone, gay or not, who, under the guise of being "smart" would hurt someone like that. i wish him well, but unless we cross paths and/or he apologizes to me (i am a forgiving person) i doubt we will ever be friends, and our industry is a very small community.




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