Saturday, October 24, 2009

GeoGrands #6

“Thanks for coming into the city with me,” Plasma said to Soleil. “I needed a break from the GeoDome.”
“I did, too.” Soleil replied. “Plus, Nina is ranting again about not being made team leader. A few hours apart is just what I needed.”
Plasma smiled. “I don’t believe I’ve ever heard you complain,” he said.
“Oh, I’m not complaining,” Soleil said, smiling back. “Just stating a fact. I understand why she feel s so strongly about it, and I can appreciate it. I just need a break from it,” she continued, laughing.
The pair were taking a shopping excursion in midtown on fashionable 5th avenue, shopping at such stores as Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor, and Fendi. Together they were quite the attractive couple; Plasma with his tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, lean muscles and a chin that could crack walnuts, and Soleil, whose long legs carried her thin body quickly and powerfully making her long, thick ebony hair, that constrasted with her ivory teeth under her angular cheekbones, sway gracefully from side to side. In every store they entered, the attendants treated them with dignity and respect, and the two GeoGrands graciously and politely interacted with them, asking them about their day and their loved ones and leaving genorous tips whenever they would leave one department to began shopping in another.
While Soleil was examining a bright, yellow velour suit in Juicy Couture, and young toddler-aged girl ran up to her and said loudly, “You’re pretty!! Are you a model?”
Soleil smiled sweetly and replied, “No, sweetie. But thank you for the compliment. You’re very beautiful yourself.”
“Can I have your autograph?” the girl asked, beaming as Soleil knelt down to talk to her and Plasma patted her soft curly hair.
“Miriam! How many times have I told you not to bother people you don’t know?” a woman scolded coming from around a display of sunglasses.
“I’m sorry,” Miriam said sheepishly as she head her head.
“It’s alright,” Plasma said. “She’s very adorable.” Miriam beamed.
“Is she your girlfriend?” Miriam asked.
“Yes, yes she is, Plasma replied quickly. Soleil smiled again but wondered why Plasma lied when he knew full well she was dating Glitter.
“I’m sorry again,” Miriam’s mother said looking down toward Miriam with a scowl on her face. “Thank you for being so kind. We really must be going.”
“Do we have to?” Miriam said. She grabbed Soleil’s hand tightly and would not let go.
“I’ll tell you what,” Soleil said as she removed her gold encrusted sun hairpin from her hair. “Here’s a present for you to remember me by.”
“Oh, wow! Thanks!” Miriam yelled again, the sparkle returning to her eyes.
“Thank you,” Miriam’s mother said, as she dragged Miriam away through the crowd of patron in the department store. Soleil watched them as long as she could before they disappeared from sight.
“You love children, don’t you?” Plasma asked, as Soleil stood in a trance.
She replied wistfully, “Yes. I would love to have a couple of kids one day.”
“Your time will come. I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful mother.”
“Maybe,” Soleil said as she sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m a lesbian so my options of bringing a child into the world are somewhat different.”
“I’m sure it’s easier than two men having a child together,” Plasma replied. “Lesbian couples in Emthira have children all the time.”
“Yeah, but they’re not dating Nina,” Soleil said softly.

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