Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Torya and her Notes on Ubuntu"

Ubuntu Scholars Program

An under-funded education system is often left to focus on student test scores and performance alone; personal development falls by the wayside. While increasing academic performance is the chief aim of the Ubuntu Scholars program, filling the void in enrichment education is a major part of the program.

Most students in the Port Elizabeth townships do not have access to programs that fall outside of the basic academic curriculum. Beginning in January 2010, Ubuntu Education Fund will expand enrichment classes for their students in 3rd-6th grade students. The expanded after-school classes will supplement their current academic weekend classes at Kip McGrath. Many students for the first time will have the opportunity to participate in classes as diverse as Yoga, baking, and ceramics. The classes are designed to bolster students’ creative thinking and team-building skills, as well as their self esteem. .

The program perfectly dovetails with Ubuntu’s current academic enrichment classes offered at Kip McGrath. Students receive individualized tutoring on basic math and English in order to give them “a strong foundation for their future studies,” according to Jacob Lief, President and Founder of Ubuntu Education Fund.

Studies have shown that these early-education programs will significantly help students maintain their focus and involvement with their education, and ultimately lead to greater academic success. The Ubuntu Scholars programs will not only offer children opportunities for their personal enrichment, but provides student with skills so they can enter university at the top of their class.

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Grindcity said...

Expanding classes is awesome. yoga, ceramic, baking, basic math & just life skills is very well. It will boost there self esteem, and than they feel very confident. GOD is not done with Ubuntu.




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