Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Small Business Likes Obama's Plan after Six Months

Obama's $15 billion plan loosens credit gets high marks from entrepreneurs.
Obama's Small Business Stimulus Plan - Start Your Small Business With Obama's Stimulus Package

If you have been struggling with trying to stay in business, you're not alone. The slow economy has been responsible for affecting the lives of millions, for the US and everywhere else. Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who groaned about corporate government bailouts received word in March of this year that President Obama announced a plan to inject $15 billion into the small-business loan market. He has seen what homeowners, companies, and consumers are going through, and put forth a $787 billion stimulus in February of 2009 to promote economic growth.

Among those who are pegged to receive assistance through funding and the addition of jobs include scientific research groups, schools, energy programs, Medicaid, and contractors. But what about small business owners? Are you eligible? How do you go about the application process?

The good news is that since everyone is facing financial strains, the Stimulus has a program that targets small businesses. Receiving assistance can make the difference in having your company rise above to the level of bigger corporations with whom you might have been finding difficult to compete. Here's what you can do to benefit from the Stimulus:
The Small Business Administration (SBA) has come up with a way for you to be guaranteed for up to a $35,000 loan without having to pay for it for up to 12 months. They have $426,000,000 in government funding to use toward helping small businesses like yours, so that it keep you from losing your company.

Have high interest rates kept you from obtaining a
loan in the past? You no longer have to worry about that. Under the Stimulus, you are able to refinance a small business loan of up to $10,000,000 if it was issued before the Stimulus went into affect. Did you know that you can increase your company's private capital or investments from 300% or $15 million, depending on the lesser amount, to 300% or $150 million as the maximum? This will enable your business to become established in the marketplace and local community, so that you can continue to grow your business using Stimulus money for marketing, professional development, or applying the funds to areas of your company that need it most.

For tips and facts about how you can benefit from
Obama's Home Stimulus Plan - or to find out if you qualify, visit the no nonsense home stimulus guide: http://ObamasStimulusPackage.net
This video was posted one month before Obama was elected President

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