Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shout Out WHITNEY!!!

The Queen is BACK

Okay Kidz!

When was the last time you went out and BOUGHT a CD? If it has been a minute, well you will be looking for a music store to get your OWE copy of Whitney's new CD I Look To You. Her record company is SO SURE of this album they have the entire album online for you to listen to. The ENTIRE SONGS!!! HOT!!!! I have not been so excited about an album since Mary J. Blige's " My Life" CD - Bought that CD three times. My 1st copy was stolen and the 2nd copy I lost in Miami on vacation.
YES!!! The Queen is BACK!!!! The strong ones always return...

I love the new CD its perfect. We missed her and glad to hear that amazing talent. I have Nothin' But LOVE Whitney!!! That's the 2nd TRACK!
Check out: Whitney Houston

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larivers said...

I LOVE YOU lil' Mogul !!!! This page is awesome!!!!
-la rivers




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