Thursday, September 17, 2009

Notes from Nathan: Thank you!

Do you know what your purpose is? I make it a point to appreciate the people in and around my life for their contribution. I have been calling people that I normally wouldn't and some are so shocked to hear my voice. I love making people smile because when I do, it makes me smile. Heck, my smile is one of the things about myself that I am most proud of. So I love compliments on my teeth. Now it's the cavities that I am worried about but I digress.

This s
ite has been up for less than a month and we have been getting phone calls and emails about how amazing it is. It feels good to know that people appreciate our product. Our sponsor, OMEGA Life Empire, has been putting the pressure on us to stay true to our goal of having 3,000 people view our site for the month of September. With our hit new series Dating Dwight, you will discover new and creative ways to communicate and date. The MEGA World of Lil Mogul takes you on journeys with entrepreneurs in and around New York City. Cornelius Jones, Jr.'s Arts.Advocacy+Wellness column aims to inspire and educate. Fridays this October, Chicago's latest transplant, Waddie G. will reign with World Wide Waddie exposing you to International fan fare.
Thank you for embracing our family and supporting our efforts to bring you fresh and edgy online content. We want to hear from you. Please comment on our shows and posts.

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