Thursday, September 24, 2009

Notes from Nathan: Changes

Changes are inevitable. We float through life wondering about the next change. What's it going to be? Will someone die? Will I lose my job? Will I win the lottery?
We live in a microwave world where literally every nanosecond has change attached to it. The question I ask today is how do you manage change? Do you go with the flow or do you resist it? I believe that we can say how it goes. We can choose the changes. I remember a few years ago when I got caught up in drug abuse. It was a course that I never thought I'd be on, but I travelled it and with some of the best people too! I felt like a star, I was doing it with some of the best of them. I didn't realize that it was all smoke and mirrors (no pun intended here), until I decided one day to STOP. I had to leave that life behind me. I had to move on and better myself. I saw people around me either dying or plain and simply spinning out of control because of the drugs and I didn't want that for my life. I had come so far and had accomplished so much. I refused to throw it all away.
One day, I prayed and asked God to show me the direction to take my life and that's when I made the change. I went to church. I began to read my bible more frequently. I stopped using profanity and I stopped hanging with those seedy characters that I once called friends. It was quite the sordid life. But I'm back, from outer space, taking on the world with a new sense of purpose and zeal.
There are less than 100 days left in this year. What changes are you willing to make, that you didn't make when you declared those New Year's Resolutions at the top of 2009. It's never too late!

Create a "Sevenly" Day

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