Monday, September 21, 2009

Myles to the Rescue

It takes a whole village to raise a child and Robert Lee Myles Jr PERIOD is doing just that. I have a very dear friend that has been in my corner since I was in high school and serves as a mentor for an entire community that is expanding everyday. Robert is a role model who has created an organization that trains boys to men and prepares them for the world. Robert is the core founder of an organization that is contributing in making men of color a positive statistic instead of a negative one I could brag for days about what Robert and his organization is up to or I could just allow you to see what he has to say about Myles Boys Recovery and how we as a community can reach out to America’s youth.

1. So who is Robert Myles?
Robert Myles is 36yr old young African American male that puts everything into helping others.

2. What is Myles Boys Recovery?
Myles Boys Recovery is a non profit organization that is out to help young males dealing with pure pressure, home issues, is a part of me. I help with getting them on the right track to keep them as productive parts of society by teaching them life management skills such as working on vehicles, house hold training, money management, and how to become strong men with dignity.

3. What made you start Myles Boys Recovery?
Living life and seeing the ruff road I had to go down with little to no help. I wanted to make at least this part of a young mans life to be a little bit easier.

4. Where is Myles Boys Recovery based out of?
Although this began in my home town of Dumas Arkansas in 1988 we have established homebase in Little Rock, Arkansas.

5. Will the organization be branching outside of this area? When?
Yes. The goal is to open a branch in 48 states. As soon as funding is available federal and/or private. We believe that there should be no barriers to help young men become everything they need to be, including state lines.

6. Who has been your largest influence in wanting to give back to your community?
My father. By his absence in my life I needed to work harder to become the man that I needed to be. His absence affected me in such a way that I wanted to do whatever I could to keep other young men from going through the emotions and motions that I had to. With the necessary life tools we provide I believe we can prevent unnecessary struggle; the roads in life are already difficult enoug

7. What are some of the things you are teaching your mentees through you organization?
I teach them how to come out of being a teenager to become a productive, educated man. Educating on life and give them an alternative route to life. They are taught to respect self and others and that hard work is the key to most things in life.

8. Who is your specific target?
Young men ages 13 to 25 that are in or have been in a broken home environment, such as the ones with parents on drugs and/or with alcohol addiction.

9. What is your goal with the organization?
The goal will be to achieve national services and even a branch in South Africa. The goal of South Africa is providing an education on how to become that strong man in a school setting.

10. How can the community assist you in making this vision excel?
By donating funding of types but more so supporting and educating the youth in their community.
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