Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye feeds your hunger

I didn't want to spend any time on Kanye's ill-behavior on the 2009 VMAs during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, but Dwight called and insisted that I rant about it.

Kanye West is a grown ass man who knows right from wrong. He knows he had no business on that stage during Taylor's speech. Have we not all discerned that Kanye is an attention magnet? Look at how the media went crazy over this one small incident. It's like we can't identify anything else to talk about. The talk shows, the newspapers... Kanye's publicist can't stop the phone from ringing. Interns are running around clipping articles for his PR scrapbook. I don't even remember what else happened on the show!!! Oh that's right Janet performed. Has anyone seen Janet on TV, in the gossip rags, etc. Nope, but Kanye is getting yet another 15 minutes added to his clock. And now he mentions to Jay Leno that he needs to go away??? Right! Kanye needs a vacation before dropping his next album. He is a business man. He ain't stupid, his next album will be ultra hot and everyone who didn't know him will purchase it just to see what he says next.

Oh and not to mention, Taylor Swift is going to milk this conversation too.... Who is she again? I swear, I was clueless before the other night. Hmmm.

Kanye do your thing. You can't get that type of publicity sitting in the audience. BOLD!

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