Tuesday, September 22, 2009

‘Glee’ glorifies outcasts, redeems FOX

By Michelle Wright
The Badger Herald

Head of Glee Club, Will (Matthew Morrison), revisits his childhood dream of performing. Sitting in the staff lounge, he and fellow male teachers are inspired to sing away their sorrows and form a male acapella group, cleverly named, “The Acafella’s.”They are an instant hit, but begin to take away from Will’s commitment to his beloved Glee Club.

Will’s sub-par attendance falls in line with Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) plan to squash the Glee Club. She gets the inside scoop when three of her Cheerio’s join the club so that they may keep an eye on Finn (Cory Monteith). Quinn (Diana Arrgone), head cheerleader and Finn’s girlfriend, buddies up to her new “Gleeks” to create conflict and break up the group from within. In addition, Quinn and her cheerleader cronies bring in a high-maintenance professional choreographer to crack the group’s team spirit.

Rachel (Lea Michele) works with Finn after school to “expand his vocal range.” However, with the Cheerio infiltration and Will’s lack of attendance, Flinn begins to question his commitment to the club. However, Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley, another American Idol success story) is the Diva that brings ALL THE SOUL to the show.

Guest star Josh Groban makes an appearance, attending “Acafella’s” big community showcase. Groban plays himself, and comes with a “gift” for Sandy (Stephen Tobolowsky), a teacher desperate to be part of the group. Episode three explores relationships between characters and tests commitment to the club. It also gives increased camera time to the supporting characters, developing them as individuals, with issues separate from Rachel, Finn, or Will.
Glee” continues to perform the perfect amount of musical sequences in its unique, “gleeky” and spirited way. The musical sequences are based on a show-tune style, but the show consistently infuses it with new genres. Episode three also experiments with more new stage sets, exploring the “music video” format. The musical sequences continue to compliment the plotline, and sets “Glee” apart from any other show on television.

Wednesday Night at 9pm EST on Fox
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