Saturday, September 5, 2009

GEOGrands by Hayward Aaron

“Baby, wake up. You’re doing it again.
“Huh,” Logic mumbled as he brushed his small right hand over his closed right eye. Something didn’t feel right, and his body was tingling all over. He slowly opened his eyes, and “Oh my God!” Then all of a sudden, Logic, his boyfriend Buff, and everything in their bedroom clamored back to their original resting places from where they had been suspended in the air.

This is not going to be a good day, Logic thought to himself. Already he was faced with the number-one issue of his young life; the control of his telekinetic power.
“You really need to learn to get that under control,” Buff complained, sitting up in the bed and rubbing his broad, muscular back. “I don’t know if it is even safe for me to be sleeping in the room anymore.”
Oh sure, Logic thought. Another excuse for us not to have sex.
“What did you say?” Buff turned toward Logic with an ‘I know you just didn’t go there’ look on his face. Despite his best efforts, sometimes a little queenie would slip through his overbearing machismo.
“I didn’t say anything,” Logic replied, with a confused look on his face.
“No, but you thought it,” Buff retorted. “Don’t worry, I have plenty of enough reasons for us not to do that,” he said as he walked out of the room.
Logic sighed, and he fought back tears. It didn’t matter that he loved Buff unconditionally, and that he showered him with love, affection and whatever Buff wanted. If Buff wanted new sneakers, Logic got it for him. If Buff wanted a new video game, it would be waiting on the TV screen when he got home. If Buff wanted a night on the town, Logic gave it to him while he stayed at home since he couldn’t afford for both of them to go out, have nice clothes and extra luxuries. The only that kept Logic from breaking down was his pressing concern over the control of his mental abilities. Now he was unconsciously projecting his thoughts, and if those thoughts were meant to be private it could get him into a lot of trouble.

As Logic prepared to get out of bed, the black cordless phone on the nightstand on Buff’s side of the bed began to ring. At first, Logic was going to stretch across the queen size bed to get the phone, but then he decided to try to use his telekinesis to bring the phone to him.
He looked toward the phone and squinted his eyes to help him focus. He began to feel a force emanate from him in what seemed like a million different directions. Slowly he tried to bring that force into one direction between him and the phone’s receiver. It was working! It seemed like an invisible arm was reaching outwards from him towards the phone and the nightstand. Logic tried to focus his telekinesis on the phone only, but it wasn’t working and now the nightstand and everything on it was suspended in mid-air.

The phone stopped ringing and Logic slowly brought the nightstand back down to the floor. Well at least I can bring objects back down instead of them falling to the floor now, he thought to himself. He reached for the receiver and checked the caller ID and saw that it was his best friend Elle who had called.

Elle was Logic’s oldest best friend and they both were on the GeoGrands, a super hero team charged with guarding the GeoGram, the Great Sphere, as well as searching for other GeoGrams. The GeoGrams are tuned into Earth’s delicate life system and misuse of the Grams would wreak havoc on Earth and all of its inhabitants. Elle is a polymegamorph, able to change her body into any shape, size or material she desires.

Logic dialed Elle’s cell phone number, and listened to Trina’s song, ‘I Got a Bottle’ play, while he waited for Elle to answer.
“Chile, why you just now calling me back?” Elle questioned.
“What do you mean? You only called just now,” Logic replied.
“I’ve been blowin’ up your cell phone, all night.”
“ Girl, you know I had cut it off ‘cuz I needed some privacy.”
“So did you get some?” Elle asked excitedly.
“Naw. He made up some excused about being tired,” Logic answered sadly.
“Tired from what? That nigga don’t work, and all he does is play video games and eat up all your food. I oughta come over there and…”
“Girl, leave it be,” Logic cut her off. He didn’t want to go there again defending his relationship with Buff to Elle. “Wassup? Why did you call?”
“Oh yeah. Density has called a meeting this afternoon. Apparently, another lead on a GeoGram has surfaced.”
“I hope it wasn’t like the last lead. We almost lost the Great Sphere because of that. And I really didn’t like missing class for that.”
“Well, Miss honey, if your telepathy would work the way it was suppose to, we would’ve known it was a sham from the PolyGens,” Elle said.
“Don’t remind me. And speaking of which, I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts from projecting outward. You know what that means.”
“I do?” Elle questioned.
“Your secret. It could slip if I can’t keep my thoughts under control.”
“Well then don’t think about it,” Elle responded pensively.
“Easier said than done,” Logic replied. “I can’t help but think about it every time I see you and your homophobic boyfriend all hugged up together. It makes me sick, and I can’t believe you’re actually in love with him.”
“Well even more motivation for you to get your telepathy under control,” Elle responded. “I need you to do that for me please. I’ve never been more happy.”
“Are you ever going to tell him?” inquired Logic.
“I want to, but I’m afraid I’ll lose him.” Elle responded sadly.
“You know I will never let you down, girl. I’m going to get these powers under control if it kills me.”

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