Saturday, September 26, 2009

GeoGrands 4

“I really don’t want to do this,” Elle complained. “Isn’t there any other way?”
“If there were, we wouldn’t use this option,” replied Density. “You know the GeoGlobe is broken so we can’t teleport to Emthira, and J9 is on a research expedition so she isn’t here to fix it.”
“When is J9 coming back anyway?” asked Buff.
“I’m not sure,” Density said. “I just hope that whatever she discovers helps us find the remaining GeoGrams.”
“It’s going to be okay,” Logic softly said to Elle. “We’re not heavy at all, and we’ll be very careful.” Elle was going to shape herself into a helicopter, and Buff, Density and Logic were going to ride inside of her to get to Emthira.
“We should have our own jet like the X-Men’s blackbird or somethin’,” Buff stated.
“And where we would keep such an aircraft?” Density explained. “I know we have been in New York several months, but as you and Logic will soon see, we never stay in one place for too long before we are off on the next lead to a GeoGram.”
“Why have we been in New York so long?” Buff questioned.
“Partly to get you and Logic adjusted to the GeoGrand life, partly because the queen thought it best if we laid low for awhile to ensure the Great Sphere remains secured in our possession. I have a feeling that this meeting she has requested will affect our current status quo, though.”
“I feel kinda weird not packing anything,” Logic said.
“Don’t worry. Everything you will need will be taken care of when we arrive in Emthira.”
“Plus,” Elle began, “I don’t need any extra weight to carry. Its bad enough I have to fly all the way there and carry you all besides. You know I’m delicate a flower,” she cooed. Logic was about to open his mouth to say something, but Elle cut him off. “And don’t you even start tryin’ to read.”
“Well don’t leave yourself open,” Logic snickered.
“Let’s get this show on the road,” Elle said. Suddenly her womanly figured expanded into a neat, pink helicopter.
“Why does it have to be pink?” Buff groaned.
“Because today, I’m channeling Lil’ Kim,” Elle replied while Logic and Density laughed. The three Geomen climbed into the helicopter and took their seats. “Please prepare for takeoff,” Elle’s voice said coming in thru a speaker system.
“I knew you were a powerful shape changer,” Logic began, “But I didn’t know you were this powerful. This is like a real helicopter!”
“The only limits to my shape changing are my imagination,” Elle crooned through the speaker. “Okay here we go!” The propellers slowly began to turn faster and faster, lifting the helicopter into the air.
“We have our own Ellecopter!” Logic said excitedly.
“That’s cute,” Density replied.
“Don’t name me like that,” Elle said. “I don’t plan on making this a habit.” Elle was now flying over Coney Island and headed in a southerly direction toward the Caribbean. Emthira was located in the Southern Hemisphere on an uncharted landmass a lil’ over halfway between Africa & South America.
“How is it that no one has discovered Emthira?” Buff inquired.
“When the Geomen settled in this dimension thousands of years ago,” Density replied, “The Geomen magicians banded together and cast a spell over Emthira so that only Geomen could see it.”
“Why don’t ships bump into it accidentally?” Logic asked.
“That’s part of the spell. Anyone who isn’t a Geomen subconsciously avoids Emthira as they approach it. Sailors who chart their course through Emthira avoid it without realizing that their subtlety sailing off course.”
“Wow, that is amazing,” the couple both said, astonished.
As the foursome moved toward the south, they were all absorbed in their own thoughts. Elle was eagerly awaiting the chance to see her boyfriend again and enjoy the celebrity status that came with being a GeoGrand in Emthira. Buff was happy to finally get away from New York on his own terms without depending on anyone. Density was anxiously anticipating seeing her mother again. Logic was thinking about his powers and meeting others like himself in Emthira.
Suddenly, the Ellecopter dropped sharply, and Elle screamed over the loudspeaker. “Someone is shooting at me!” she shouted.
Density hurriedly looked out of the window and saw a sleek black jet hot on their heels shooting at them.
“Can you shake them?” Density asked.
“I’m a helicopter, not a jet, but I’m gonna alter my backside to give us a boost. Get ready,” Elle warned. The three Geomen were thrown back on their seats as Elle doubled her speed.
“They’re still gaining!” Buff exclaimed as the unmarked jet continued to shoot towards them.
“It’s the PolyGens!” Logic shouted. “I can feel their presence!”
“How did they know we were even on our way to Emthira?” Density wondered.
“Arrrgh!!!” Elle cried out in pain over the speaker system, “We’re going down! I can’t maintain this shape!” The helicopter fluttered and then began a speedy descent towards the clear, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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