Saturday, September 19, 2009

GeoGrands #3

“Let’s get this meeting underway,” Density began. “The reason I called you all here is that I will be taking a trip to Emthira, and while this may not be the best time, considering what happened with the PolyGens recently, our leader, Queen Eleanora, has requested my presence to discuss the future of the GeoGrands and our failures at finding the remaining GeoGrams.”
“Are you worried that she may replace us or disband the team?” Chakra asked. Chakra, or Micah Ebenezer, was the most experienced and longest serving GeoGrand on the team. Of Indian descent, he had the ability to harness the mysterious forces known as chakra which gave him various abilities over his mind and body.
“Not especially,” Density replied. “I had hoped that recruiting Logic and Buff into the team would restore her confidence in us, and even though Buff has contributed admirably, Logic’s lack of control over his powers makes him a liability on the team.”
“I really am trying Density,” Logic defended.
“I know you are. That is why I am taking you and Buff with me to Emthira. My mother herself is an exceptional telepath, and maybe she can help you or lead us to someone who can. Besides, you two have never been to Emthira, and it would help you if you knew more about where you and your ancestors came from.”
“I’m going also,” Elle said. “I miss my boo, and this will give me a chance to see him.”
“Okay, so it’s settled then,” Density replied. “Buff, Logic, and Elle will accompany me to Emthira. Chakra, Glitter, Soleil, and Plasma will stay here and make sure things run smoothly and nothing happens to the GeoSphere.”
“When are we going to go after the GeoCube?” Plasma asked. The Abercrombie Plasma, whose was born Johnathan Alcot, had the ability to transform his body into living plasma allowing him to become almost invisible and get around most barriers by sliding through very narrow spaces in his plasma state. He also wore a magnetic field simulator so that he could partially affect electronics and generate lasers.
“I will discuss that with the Queen as well,” Density replied. “We are not ready to take on the PolyGens just yet. When we do, I want us to be on top of our game. We can’t afford another misstep like last time.”
“How long will you all be gone?” Soleil asked. Soleil, a modelesque Japanese woman, got her name from her sun-like powers. She could manipulate solar energy giving her such abilities as super speed and a beam of pure sunlight which she could generate from her body. Soleil was the sweetheart of the group, which sometimes made her hesitate to use her powers offensively.
“Does it matter?” Glitter, Soleil’s girlfriend replied, in her usual short-gruff tone. “We got this covered until they come back. Miss Logic needs to get her head fixed so she can actually be of use to us on this team.”
“I done told you, you don’t know me like that to be calling ‘miss’ and ‘girl’,” Logic snapped back.
“Ooohhh, the lil’ queen is tryin’ to get a spine now,” Glitter mocked. Elle looked on waiting to see if Buff was going to defend Logic, but he just sat there with an amused look on his face.
“I’ve been tryin’ to be nice to you for Soleil’s sake, but if you really wanna know what I think of you…” Logic began.
“That is enough!” Density shouted. “These petty squabbles have got to stop. I know everyone is on edge since we lost the GreatCube to the PolyGens, but we have to pull together if we intend to make it right.”
“It’s all my fault,” Logic said. “My telepathic powers failed us, failed me, when we needed them most.”
“Don’t worry, honey,” Elle said, stroking Logic’s hand. “The Queen will help you, and everything will be okay, won’t it, Glitter?” Elle turned toward Glitter and asked going from sweet to street in a millisecond.
“Yeah, whatever,” Glitter mumbled.
“Okay, now that everyone is on the same page, Buff, Logic and Elle, let’s prepare for our trip,” Density said. “Meeting dismissed.”
As the GeoGrands filed out of the conference room, a lone figure lingered behind and pulled out a cell phone. Speaking in whispered tones, “Half of the team is leaving to go to Emthira soon. If you want the GeoSphere, now is the time to strike.”

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