Saturday, September 12, 2009

GeoGrands #2

Princess Grandolyn Emthira twirled a lock of her strawberry-blonde hair, looked out of her window at the sprawling skyscrapers of New York City and sighed. How I wish I could just live a normal life among normal humans, she thought to herself as she shivered nervously in her GeoGrand uniform. Every time she held a meeting with the GeoGrands a feeling of uneasiness sprang up in her and settled in the pit of her stomach. She never dreamed she would be on the GeoGrands, the team her late father founded to protect the GeoGrams and the kingdom of Emthira or that she would actually be leading them. It hadn’t been that long since leadership of the team passed down to her, and it was a position she didn’t want. However, as her mother pointed out, it was her responsibility, as heir to the throne, to ensure that the power that gave the Geomen their wondrous abilities was recovered and restored to its rightful place to ensure that the planet was safe from harm.
She thought about her teammates, some she barely knew, and some that were not even natives of Emthira but were Geomen none the less; a consequence of the GeoGrams being spread out over the planet instead of remaining inside of the hidden kingdom of Emthira. When the first Geoman manifested outside of Emthira’s borders, the Geomen’s worst fears were realized. Geomen that had left Emthira years ago to live among humans had their powers, but since their children were not born in Emthira among the GeoGrams, they received no powers and lived as normal human beings. The genetic quirk, Gene ExpressiveOsis, was still present in the children and their descendants, but without the GeoGrams, there were no outward manifestations to separate a Geoman from a normal human. Now that the GeoGrams were lost and spread out over Earth, the descendants of the wandering Geomen were developing powers and it was only a matter of time before the secret of the Geomen might be discovered or a Geoman not raised in the Emthiran ways would abuse his power over normal humans.
When they were on missions, Grandolyn’s code name was Density because she had the power to alter her body’s density making it as hard as diamond or as thin as air resulting in a myriad of effects and abilities on Grandolyn’s body.
“Density, Buff and Logic are here. We’re ready for you,” Glitter, another GeoGrand, spoke out over the loudspeaker, breaking Density out of her thoughts. Glitter, or Nina Pilar, was the outspoken roughneck of the team. Contrary to her nature were her fairy-like powers. Glitter could miniaturize her body to almost 3 inches and fly with the help of fairy-like wings that grew from her back. She could also generate glitter dust of various colors that each had a unique effect. For example, her red glitter caused sneezing fits while her yellow glitter possessed healing properties.
“I’m coming down right now,” Density responded, pressing the gold button on the wall near her bed to relay her response over the intercom system of the GeoDome, the headquarters of the GeoGrands.
As Density descended down toward the conference room, her nervousness returned. Her mother wanted her daughter to come home to Emthira, and going home meant facing everything that had made her sad since her father’s passing. She didn’t know if she was ready to face that or her mother for that matter.

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