Monday, September 14, 2009

Dwight’s Top 10 VMA Moments

10. Red Carpet Pre Show, can we please get some more energy on the carpet by the hosts? OMG can we get DJ Baker, B Scott, Nathan 7 Scott??? Somebody!!!!

9. Shakira and Pink wearing the same dress. Pink defiantly wore it better though.

8.Why was Solange performing during commercial break and those guys who I don’t know who they are were performing live for DJ AM.

7. Pink arriving with the NYC Fire Department!

6. Pink did an amazing performance the best of the night, clearly my one of my favorites, please just make me understand why can she show her breast; however Janet’s wardrobe malfunction was an issue?

5. Taylor Swift’s performance on the F train up to the street with the many MTV extras was soooo cute, I just want to make sure she used hand sanitizer the subway has lots of germs.

4. Kanye West rudely going on stage to announce that Beyonce’ deserved the award over Taylor Swift, when clearly Taylor had 100% of the country vote and Beyonce’ had to split the pop vote with the other nominees.

3. Beyonce giving up her moment in accepting her award for Video of the Year and allowing Taylor on stage to finish her acceptance speech. Beyonce’ is the definition of class, I know many may think that the incident should be my #1 but I think we should highlight the positive.

2. A real tribute to Michael finally happened and MTV gave it to him!!! Janet did a wonderful job and I know her brother was smiling down from heaven! Maybe MTV will support her music now as well.


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