Monday, September 28, 2009

Dish from Black Gay Kanye West NOT GAY!

Kanye West Talks Gay Rumors & Acceptance
September 18th, 2009
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Putting the drama of the VMAs behind him, Kanye West sat down with Devi Dev to talk about Bloggers, fashion, his legacy and once again, gay rumors that have surrounded him. While he adamantly denied being gay, he also advocated acceptance of gay people in the Black community. “First of all what we need to get past… as Black people, especially, is the concept that gay people are bad,” he explained. “Because if people accept them, then the concept of someone being gay or being cool with someone gay wouldn’t even matter if you have acceptance. So the thing is…because they don’t have acceptance of gay people, that’s the reason why they try to use it as the thing to try to bring me down.”
Kanye then spoke proudly of the gay people in his life. “The gay people that I actually know…are so genius and bring such incredible gifts to the world,” he said. “The only gay people I know are like some of the most incredible people on the planet actually.”
Check out audio of the interview below

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