Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Aging, Dying, and Love"

Recently I paid a visit to my elderly and ailing Aunt, and for the first time in my life I honestly began to think of my life 50 years from now. How I would age and who would I share my elderly days with. This is something, if we live to see those 'Golden Years', will face. So let's face it with beauty and glory.

Today I share what transpired after visiting my Aunt Ruth:

“Visits are the Best Medicine” And I wondered just how he would handle her dying slowly right before his eyes. She – my aunt – no longer able to walk or fully feed herself on her own. He – my uncle – who reminds me more and more as he ages of my daddy. For him, that’s his woman. His Heart. His Blood. His Sweetheart. His Sweet 16. His Prom Date. His Miss Universe. His Gem. His Diamond. His Fire and Desire. His eyes still glowing as if today was the day he first laid eyes on her. As if today was the day he asked her for her hand in marriage. She’s his heart and he’s going to be there with her. That’s the beauty in Love. That’s the beauty in old age. That’s the beauty in growing old together. That’s the beauty of Love. And when he walked through the door, Oh she rose out of her slight state of dementia. Straightened her sluggish body in the wheelchair, the best she could. Propped her chin up high with a faint upward tilt to the left. She smiled the biggest smile today and balled her tiny and frail right hand into a fist, raised it high in the air like victory was won. Lips part, teeth exposed – “There’s my Joe!” Her Joe – Her Boxer. Her Man who is fighting for Her. “Visits are the best Medicine,” Uncle Joe said.
©2009Cornelius Jones Jr.

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