Friday, August 21, 2009

Relationships and Marriage; Is THIS Community Ready?

Relationships and Marriage; Is THIS Community Ready?
By Giovanni Centurione

Now that the Pride Parades have ended and the politics are back to campaigning, are we in the LGBT Community still interested in Marriage Equality? Do we even know what a REAL Relationship is?

I find it irritating and sad every time I hear from those in this community that say they want a boyfriend or they want a girlfriend. BUT, ask them what is important to them and the answer is all the same; depends on how the sex is, dick size, he or she got money, etc. And this is all based on their first date... Well call me old fashion, but maby this is WHY YOU ARE SINGLE???? If you don't take the time to get to know someone for who they are first, how will you know if you actually have anything to talk about after sex? If your going to jump in the sack as soon as you meet, is it EVER not awkward waking up the next day and not knowing what to talk about? And are you NOT surprised when they don't call back? Maby this is the reason WHY YOU ARE SINGLE????

It's not just the 18 year old's that have this problem, I have witnessed 30 and 40 somethings with the same issues. Many in this community don't know how to get out of that stereotyped sex object craze and start looking at people for who they are. Yeah, looks are a plus, but talk to that good looking guy or girl first. See what they are interested in. Do you click intellectually? or is it going to solely be based on random sex? If so, then don't complain of being single or not having the right to get married.

As far as fighting for Gay Marriage (which I haven't heard anything since Pride ended) ,Why not start learning HOW to have a relationship first. Do most of you know what true love is? Or is it simply a lust for you? If Marriage was offered today for this community, would you take advantage of it simply for the publicity and free gifts? or would it actually be because you LOVE your partner?

I really find it nerve racking, tasteless and find myself sometimes ashamed to be a part of a community that wants a right, but makes it obvious they wouldn't know how to use it correctly if it were available. My point being, we need to learn how to approach, start and hold long lasting, relationships before we fight for that right such as Marriage for the LGBT Community.

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