Friday, August 28, 2009

"Maybe It's Made for... MEN!"

written by Deshawn Moody
The Future Media Partner Boys and Clothes Magazine

Riddle me this, Riddle me that, who said that women were the only ones to contour? Ask Mens Style Editor, Deshawn Moody of
Boys and Clothes Magazine.

Are girls the only ones taught how to apply makeup and how to look flawless? What if little boys were taught during puberty how to properly cover up those blemishes? There probably would be a lot of men purchasing make-up along with their razors. I know that some of you guys out there would say that’s not your thing, but let’s bring the ball in your court. To all you Facebook, MySpace and Twitter models out there….to be a signed model and be ready for your close up Mr. Deville, you will need make-up. Many high paid actors, celebrities, basketball players and moguls wear make-up before stepping out on set or that next red carpet event. It’s no shame in making themselves looks flawless along with the ladies.

Since the dawning of the equal rights movement we were all considered as one. So why would a daily regimen for some be only of the female gender? Some may add as little as a few strokes of lash blast that’s sure to get everyone’s attention. Others may even have their daily regimen of full on powder to contour those cheeks. If you wear make-up would is that gay?

“Why is something so simplistic a big issue in society and of the male and female persuasion”? , asks Keon Nickie, professional dancer (Deeply Rooted Productions) and a fan of make-up for men. “Who says that women are the only ones who can hide their imperfections everyday”? Is make-up something that many may perceive that only gay guys indulge in? Some may not know but a few of the top rated make-up distributors for women carry product for men as well.

From Clinique to even Jean Paul Gaultier, have had the masses jumping aboard the contour train. Would you date a man that wears make-up? What if on some dates he was a little late because he spent too much time in the mirror applying his matte powder? Is there a rule that says they can’t make the light hit them in all the right spots? I don’t think that people would stop and say, maybe it’s Maybeline.

Make-up for men, would you rock it or chile stop it? Is make-up for men a stereotypical drag?

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