Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kid Vlogs From Apple Store, We Smell a New Commercial Campaign

Kids. They grow up so fast these days, with the Twitter and the MySpace and Tamagotchi and sports drinks. You've gotta hand it to them, though: they've got their technology and they know how to use it.Which is why the dense YouTube account of Nicholifavs, filled with a kid who vlogs exclusively from New York City's Fifth Avenue Apple Store, is merely a natural progression in the realm of Things Kids Do Now. If, indeed, this is a viral marketing ploy by Apple, then hats off. And if it isn't, Apple had better snatch him up quick. Justin Long, meet your match. Photo: Lil Mogul

Update 9/20/09: The internet has spoken! Since our original post, things have really started to take off for 13-year-old Nicholi White from Harlem, New York. After
growing interest and coverage online, Good Morning America featured Nicholi's videos, touting him as "YouTube's Newest Star." Most recently, White was profiled in the New York Post where he talks about his newfound web "celebrity": I'm blowing up... I'm going back to school on Sept. 9, and I can't wait. I'm going to show my teachers.

Aside from school, what's next for Nicholi? Well
according to a video posted this week, he's headed to Los Angeles. Nothing has been confirmed, but the New York Post claims that "the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah have also come calling."We'll keep you updated on things as they unfold, although I'm sure simply subscribing to his YouTube channel will provide all the breaking news straight from White -- where he thrives -- at the Apple store.

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Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

The video is funny and so is the kid. We should snatch him up. NOW!




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