Friday, August 14, 2009

Fly Swag and a Man Bag!

written by Deshawn Moody
The Future Media Partner Boys and Clothes Magazine

Riddle me this, riddle me that! Would you ever rock, a “man bag”? Ask Mens Style Editor, Deshawn Moody of Boys and Clothes Magazine. Nothing looks more intriguing than a piece of eye candy, hot kicks, fly swag and a man bag!

YES, Ladies and Gentleman a MAN BAG! A key essential for the trendsetting gentleman is a stylish bag. Every up and coming mogul should add one to their lifestyle. Whether you’re traveling from work to the gym or holding it down at one of the hottest spots in town, you should never leave home without it. From as early as the style icon himself, Michael Jackson, the swag of a bag has always reigned supreme. Even Kanye West emerged to the mic with a must have style blast from the past. The bag plague has begun and everyone was falling a victim.
A number of prominent designers have become apart of this addiction as well. From the classic yet regal style of King Louis Vuitton to our fathers Dolce & Gabbana was just a taste of the serum. Even Hermes had the masses calling for an alixer. The durability of the bag is the main ingredient. Add in a teaspoon of comfort and a dash of density and now your styling with swag. You know your swag is a complete start to stop and brag. So now when you’re out looking for new gear, make sure to grab a fly new bag as well.

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