Thursday, April 14, 2011

REWIND: Notes from Nathan: This is it!

Welcome to the first weekly installment of Notes from Nathan. The Future has some things in the works that will take us to another level. We were advised to make our website look clean, graphically appealing and professional. We took heed and now what you see before you is hard work brought to you by a team of individuals aiming to make a difference in the world and in their communities. Our goal is to have something different available for you each day of the week.

Our collective forces will bring you Dishin' It with Dwight, Arts.Advocacy+Wellness with Cornelius Jones, Jr., Lil Mogul by Richard E, Pelzer II and Notes from Nathan. We decided that we wanted to play a game just to see if we could pull it off and we are off to committed start.

My notes will be stories, with elements of life coaching infused with my clever sense of humor. You know I'm a genius right? I haven't told you? Yes, I, Nathan Seven Scott am a genius? The proof is right before you, especially if you are reading this. Smile, remember it's all a game.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you find
something that keeps you coming back. Remember to tell a friend!

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If you had to create a game for your very own life, what game would it be?

What would be the rules? Is it a board game or would it be played on Wii? Is your game exciting enough that everyone would want to play? Is it fast paced or more like chess? What are you playing for? Why would others want to play?

Leave a comment.

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