Monday, July 20, 2009

Dishing it with Dwight: American Idol Drama and LGBT New Rising Stars

So Paula Abdul is very upset that Ryan Seacrest is bringing in more money than she is on "American Idol". Abdul isn't angry at Ryan personally for his new $45 million, 3-year deal, but she's bent out of shape at producers that she's making minimum "Idol" wage -- its been said between $2 and $3 mil a year. Producers want Paula back for sure, but she's now doing the Hollywood thing of pretending like she'll walk. Auditions for the next season start on August 6. There are already plans to start the auditions without her if they don't have a deal. As for what Paula wants it is actually between 2 and 3 times what she's making now. It has been reported $4.5 a year ... a lot better than the $5,000 a week she pulled in for season one.

So if you didn't know now you do in the latest LGBT dish Nashville Brothers and Sisters Pride's Official newsletter for summer 2009 was released and they named the hottest rising entertainers of our community. Many moons ago all we had were the same black gay faces representing our entire community, well not anymore! The new LGBT STAR list was composed by visibility, fan base, work, and who's name actually is reaching out into the world.

The inside list of the newsletter actually included more than the cover keep your eyes open for these Popular LGBT A Lister's:

B Scott:

Jasmyne Cannick:

Xem Van Adams:

Maurice Runea:

Justin B. Smith:

ButtaFly Soul:

Taylor Siluwe:

DJ Baker:

Dwight Allen O'Neal:

Nathan 7 Scott:

Check the Newsletter for the complete list....

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